Fascial Release?
What’s REALLY happening!

Fascial Release? What’s REALLY happening!

The world of movement and therapy has seriously embraced the word fascia over the last few years.

It seems that almost every therapy or movement modality has fascia in its title and there are a myriad of claims about it.

Fascial release, fascial manipulation, fascial stretching and so much more.

But what do we really know about what is happening when we use these techniques with the words?

Are we really changing fascia by working on it or moving it and if so what changes are occurring?

We all know that we feel and see changes in the body by using these techniques, so if it’s NOT fascia that’s changing, what is?

My name is Julian Baker and I have straddled the worlds of manual therapy and academic sciences for over thirty years, with the aim of trying to bring together these two very different worlds, each with their own insight and wisdoms, in order to help everyone to move better with less pain.

I use dissection, anatomy, and simple explanations to give you insights into the body and how it hangs together.

Join me in the first of my new webinar series on Touch Move Heal, as I dive into the claims and explore the myths, realities, facts and fiction of fascia and explain simply what is really going on

The webinars a priced to be accessible at just £9.50 each or free to subscription members.

If you’ve ever been confused or unsure about all the different information you’re hearing, this is the place to be.

Key takeaways from the workshop include:

  • Introduction of "Touch Move and Heal":

  • Reevaluation of Fascia:

  • The Power of Touch:

  • The Essential Role of Movement:

  • Future Directions:

Fascial Release?

What’s REALLY happening!


Bowen and Functional Anatomy Specialist

Julian Baker teaches anatomy like no-one else, showing you what’s not in the books and make it applicable to the work you do with your clients. Julian joins up the parts of the body not just focussing on the named bits we know about,

His approach gives you the ability to apply your anatomy knowledge confidently and expertly within your practice, whatever that may be. We guarantee our classes will get you questioning, reflecting and inspired. It’s the CPD you’ve always wanted.

"To 'see' the soft tissue we as therapists think we influence is a privilege. Julian Baker makes all the right connections between the 'tissue' and considerations for therapeutic intervention. Functional Anatomy is a must for all 'hands on' therapists. It is also a must for the 'hands off' body of therapists! Seeing is believing.."

SPS learn

What People are Saying...

"Captivating, often bizarre and incredible insights into the human body like you have never seen before. Always life changing sessions, questioning the “norm” as we are taught it and bringing new dimensions to your practise.

If you attend one of Julian's classes your working brain will be changed forever - for the better and you will only want to see more!! His humour is also legendary!!"

Mrs Ellen Woodley

"I have just participated in the scar tissue dissection course. This is an incredible lesson in anatomy. Julian takes you on a journey thru a human body like you've never been before. It is amazing to see how a human body is really built, how strong, how resilient. Eye-opening and educating. Thank you.

I will be back for more."

Jowi Kocha

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